Web Marketing

The Web Marketing allows you to put your business online in the spotlight, promote your products, acquire new costumers, gain their loyalty and establish a long-term relationship profitable for both.
Wssk will use the right tools and the most advanced marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals.

• Search Engine Marketing - SEM
Ensure maximum visibility to your online business with the most advanced solutions of Search Engine Marketing - SEM. We will study the most suitable strategies for you and apply them in the best way to ensure you effective results. Click here now

• Positioning and Search Engines Optimization - SEO
Make yourself visible on the search engines with targeting strategies created for your online business. Increase your website discoverability, earn more and overcome the competitors by placing your website on the top of search engines. Click here now

• Copywriting/Copyediting with Search Engines Optimization
Do you need help with writing, controlling, optimizing your texts and website’s contents? With our help, you can make these more attractive to your customers and more visible on the search engines. Click here now

• Pay per Click Campaigns
Promote your business online in a quick and targeted way. We will set up your Pay per click campaigns by selecting the areas that will bring best results for you. Click here now

• Banner Campaigns
Advertise your business through dynamic and effective visual approach. Attract the attention of users to your business and increase the number of accesses to your website. Click here now

• Social Networks
Enter the 2.0 marketing facing the new web frontiers through Social Networks. Maintain direct relationship with the public and take advantage of new trends to acquire and retain customers. Click here now

• Viral Marketing
Imagine your website and your offers spreading with a virus speed. With the Viral Marketing strategies, you reach broader audience quickly and automatically. Click here now

• Database Building
With your Database building custom solutions, you can build and expand your customers portfolio, build loyalty and develop strategies targeted to sell more and more often. Click here now